Angkor Area & Koh Ker Group
Angkor Area & Koh Ker Group
For those who are really interested in ancient ruin in Siem Reap Angkor, also in its neighboring provinces. You will be amazed by viewing ruins from early Angkor Period like Roluos Group in Hariharalaya City built in late 9th century, Banteay Srei temple as a jewel pink sandstone temple. Viewing a stunning Sunrise at Angkor Wat then continuing to Angkor Thom with Bayon ‘A Giant Smiling Faces temple’ in the center, Ta Promh temple with massive fig and silk-cotton trees growing over the towers and corridors offering a jungle atmosphere. Also enjoying with Lingapura ‘Koh Ker Group” built in early 10th Century, located 135km from town on way back stop to see Beng Mealea as a sprawling jungle temple and the last day experience a local wooden boat at Tonle Sap Lake to view floating village.


Day 01:

* Roluos Group :
Built in late 9th century by third King in Angkor Period Indravarman I.
* Preah Ko
* Bakong
* Lo Lei
* Banteay Somre temple:
The most intricate and beautiful carvings temple in Cambodia.
@ Lunch in local restaurant (Optional)
* Banteay Srie temple :
Built in Early 12th Century by the same king who built Angkor Wat  Suriyavarman II
* Pre Rup : As a three-tier temple with brick towers and lovely view from top level to see lovely sunset.

Bakong Temple

Preah Ko Temple

Bonteay Somre Temple

Day 02 :

* Getting up early, 05.00am from hotel to seeing a stunning sunrise at Angkor wat.
* Angkor Wat : As visually, architecturally and artistically breathtaking. It is a massive three tiers pyramid crowned by five lotus-like towers rising 65 meters from ground level.
* Angkor Thom : The last Capital City in Angkor Period. There are five entrances to the city.
* South Gate : It is crowned with 4 giant faces and with statues of Gods and Demons holding    Naga standing both sides of a gate.
* Bayon : The giant stone faces of Bayon becoming one the most recognizable images  connected  to classic Khmer art and architecture.
* Baphuon : Large temple-mountain in Angkor Thom. It is Recently reopened after an extensive    and troubled restoration.
* Terrace of Elephants : It is impressive, 2.5m tall and 300m long terrace wall adorned with carved elephants and Garudas that spans the heart of Angkor Thom.
* Terrace of Leper King : A double terrace wall with deeply carved Nagas and other mythological  beings.
 @Lunch In local restaurant (Optional)
* Ta Prohm :
This sprawling monastic complex is only partially cleared of jungle overgrowth. Intentionally left partially unrestored.

Day 03:

* Koh Ker Group :
Located in Preah Vihea province, 135km from Siem Reap town. You will see Prasat Pram, Neang Khmao, Prasat Chen, Prasat Balang and Prasat Thom with seven-tiers temple.

@ Lunch in local restaurant (Optional)
* Beng Mealea :
Constructed in a distinctly Angkor Wat style under the same king that built Angkor  Wat.

Day 04:

* Preah Khan :
A huge, highly exploration complex. Full of carvings, passages and photo  opportunities.
* Neak Pean : A small island temple located in the middle of the last Barray ‘jayatataka’.
* Ta som : Small, classic Bayon-style monastic complex.
* East Mebon : Is a large temple-mountain-like ruin rising three levels and crowned by five towers.
@ Lunch in local restaurant (Optional)
* Tonle Sap Lake :
Taking a wooden boat ride to see floating village “ Fishing Community”.

Preah Khan Temple

Neak Pean Temple

Pre Rup Temple

Price of Charge In 3 Days Tour.


$180 ( Pax 1-4 )


$200USD ( Pax5-14)

* Free For Sunrise and  Sunset.

+ Exclusive Of:

_ All entrance fee

_ All meals

@ Angkor Area Temple Pass :
* 01 Day : $37 / Person
* 03 Day : $62 / Person
* 07 Day : $72 / Person
@ The Other Entrance Fee(s) :
* Koh Ker Group : $10 / Person
* Beng Mealea : $5 / Person
* Boat Ride + Entrance Fees : $20 / Person
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